Carl Krull

  1. Drawing 6, 100 x 40 cm, 2013, images posted with permission of the artist. 
  2. Graphite 7, 2012, 100 x 141 cm
  3. Graphite 4, 2012, 100 x 141 cm

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Upcoming Solo Exhibition, Carl Krull:Seismic at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 26th - October 25th, 2014


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The Darjeeling Limited - production design by Mark Friedberg

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anabella in glowing mia.

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Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen

Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen

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Fiona Apple in the Nov ‘97 issue of Spin magazine

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So I wanna meet this dude!


So I wanna meet this dude!

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Louise Bourgeois Sculptures

Arch of Hysteria, 1993, Bronze, polished patina, hanging piece, 83.8 x 101.6 x 58.4 cm.

The lean, angular frame of Bourgeois’s longtime assistant, Jerry Gorovoy, provided the form for Arch of Hysteria, the exquisitely graceful (or painful, depending on how you look at it) bronze sculpture of a naked male figure bent backward and hanging by a thread. Hysteria was long thought to be a “women’s malady,” so there’s a lovely irony in the use of a male body

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Self-Portraits by Mariell Amélie

London-based contemporary photographer Mariell Amélie has been working on her self portraits for over 8 years by now and has collected some pretty amazing shots from her travels around the world.

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Jenny Morgan ~ “Exit”, 2013
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Jenny Morgan ~ “Exit”, 2013

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